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Affiliate marketing can be a chore. Especially when you have the possibility of millions of products waiting to be advertised. However what products give you and your prospects the biggest rewards?

We here at sellslikecandy are product developers. Each and every single of our programs has been developed by ourself.. and the most important thing is: They WORK and they are being used on a regular basis by us and thousands of happy customers all around the world.

Unlike your 10,000 Ebook or push a button and get rich quick software scam, we have not only put months or even years of work behind every single one of our products, but consistently update and finetune our projects to be on top of the industry in terms of quality and profitability.


Home of the nets best converting automated moneymaking systems. These products not only have already thousands of happy buyers but are updated consistently and PROVEN. Get ready to boost your affiliate marketing checks and wires by several 100%. Rest assured, you will be amazed on how easy they sell and how rewarding it is to finally promote products that are a true asset for every golddigger out there.


Start selling valuable products "like candy".

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Germanbinaryrobot is the successor to germanbankersecret and has been a hell of a success during launch.. in under 25 days it made over 600,000 usd in first time deposits.. also scoring record high marks in EPC`s going up to 15 usd! You earn 250 usd per person that deposits trough the free robot... so you can even advertise it as a free to use tool :) ->    GermanBinaryRobot

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Fapturbo2 is the successor to the wideley acclaimed best selling fapturbo forex robot. It now supports Bitcoin trading aswell as multicurrencies and extreme high profitability trading. THE product you want to be associated with :)

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Bitcoinrobot is our first automated bit coin moneymaking solution. State of the art technology in a new and emerging sector make not only the clients happy but reward affiliates with a great opportunity to make fantastic earnings per click (EPC).. as high as 4.3 with pay per click advertising.. our current best seller :)

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Crisiskiller Is our brand new forex robot that doubled a 100,000 eur real money deposit and is showing that off like a boss :) cheap in price, awesome conversions! We just had a very successful launch for it selling over 2,000 copies in under 48 hours.. The Sin City inspired video is pretty awesome to ;)

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GermanBankersystem is a FREE to signup trading system for binary options that is making a killing EPC wise up to 5 usd EPC (!!) thanks to a year of follow ups prewritten 365 day cookie and 250 usd per deposit. A true wealth generator :)

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App Dev Empire is our brand new Android development course. It teaches you how to build your very own games and apps for googles propietary android plattform.. iphone and app development courses have been sold to death already so its time for something new and untapped. Great conversion rates will make sure you have a blast advertising this one!

Visit The Salespage Here ->    App Dev Empire

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Fapturbo is not only the best selling forex trade robot of all time (with over 80,000 sold copies) but a phenomenon by itself. Still years after it`s original release and over 50 updates up to today, it isone of the best methods to generate passive money on the web. Many tried to copy it but failed because it takes alot of work and a knowledged programming team to develop a winning forex robot. While copycats came and went fapturbo is still very popular up to this very day and sells for several thousands of dollars every single day of the week.

Visit The Salespage Here ->    Fapturbo

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100Percentwinners is a clever software that identifies "arbitrage" situations in sport bets. This means you bet on a event with 2 or more bookmakers covering all possible outcomes. Whatever the result is, you make 1-10% of your stake. How is this possible? Different odds with different bookmakers allow you to siphon of the little differences in odds and cash in a profit everytime! 100% guaranteed.

Visit The Salespage Here ->    100 Percent Winners

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Appdevsecrets is a video course that teaches you how you can get your own games and applications developed for a very small investment and cash in big by selling those APPS on the apple store. A great way to make money and to unleash your creativity.

Visit The Salespage Here ->    App Dev Secrets

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Zcode is a sports betting software that analyzes sport events in MLB,NFL,NBA and NHL. With a huge membersarea, tons of data and a great community of winning sports investors, it`s considered one of the best sports betting systems on the globe. We win over 70% of our games and with the proper moneymanagment and our inhouse handicappers we yield big profits every month. Undefeated since 11 years (statistically proven!)

Visit The Salespage Here ->    Z Code System       

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Affiliate rewarder is a small niche product targeted at clickbank affiliates and marketers. It allows you to create your own product launch contests, tracks data from clickbank such as hops, sales and conversions and generates a toplist were affiliates can view their rankings, performance and prizes (fully customizable in 5 minutes).

Visit The Salespage Here ->    Affiliate Rewarder    

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Video salesletter guru is a video course on how to make "video" salesletters that convert much better in marketing than the traditional read only salesletter. It contains several modules and bonuses to build your affiliate empire right were it counts.

Visit The Salespage Here ->    Video Salesletter Guru

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We hope you enjoy making money by promoting the creme de la creme of money making software and video courses and are here to assist you all the way. Feel free to contact Steve over skype (nick:steve25m) or message your queries via E-mail to stevethecatcooper AT gmail DOT com.